Boxing films have done very well in the past and they continue to do so. These movies embrace the beloved themes of Hollywood; an underdog rising to the top, the struggle to succeed and a strong connect with the audience through strong emotions and action; all symbolic of the sport. These films haven’t been shy of the Oscars, with the first ever nominated boxing movie dating back to 1932.

Rocky has emerged to be the face of boxing movies over the decades. It was the first boxing movie to win the Best Picture. Creed is the sixth sequel of Rocky. The movie was surely an improvement over the previous sequels. The core content remains similar to the Rocky franchise.

With a weekend coming up, a Rocky marathon is highly recommended for those who haven’t seen any of them. For others it will be a good time to update yourself with the newest addition to the series.

IMDb-“The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.”


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