Being John Malkovich

I once did a course on the art of movie making. It was nothing too technical, just the basics. Now, time and space are one of the most basic elements of a screenplay. I still remember the words of the professor, “It is a dangerous thing, to play with time and space while writing a screenplay for a movie.” And I totally agree with him. But who could have stopped Kaufman. After all he is ‘the’ Charlie Kaufman, a person who has mastered the art of playing with time and space.

The plot of the movie is really good (try guessing it from the name of the movie itself). It is original, inventive and creative. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Spike Jones(director) has done a really wonderful job. Directing a screenplay like this isn’t easy and I don’t think there are a lot of directors who can take a Charlie Kaufman screenplay and produce a movie like this.

There is no movie like this out there, absolutely intriguing. A must watch for everyone.

IMDb-“A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of movie star John Malkovich.”


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  1. filmsCine says:

    Love this movie very much, spot on!

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    1. Vibhor Kumar says:

      Have you tried his other movies??

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      1. filmsCine says:

        I love ‘Her’ and ‘Adaptation’ – he’s got a weird and wonderful mind!


      2. Vibhor Kumar says:

        Well, I was talking about Kaufman. But since half of Kaufman’s movies have been directed by Jonze, so an appreciation of Kaufman is incomplete without incorporating Jonze in it. I missed him in my review. Now that I think of it,these movies wouldn’t have been this good if they had someone else for a director.
        All I can say about ‘Her’ is that it was a creative concept directed to perfection.


      3. filmsCine says:

        Kaufman, like Spike Jonze has a weird and wonderful mind, too. He wrote ‘Adaptation’, and they’re a fantastic duo. Separately, Kaufman is great. I’ve still not seen Synecdoche, but it’s on my list


  2. Josh Hammond says:

    I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to explain how or why this film works. That’s what I love about Kaufman (and Jonze too) in that their films shouldn’t work for so many reasons, but the fact that they do is almost as impressive as the films themselves. That said, when they stumble it’s usually pretty bad.
    I had forgotten that John Cusack’s character was a puppeteer in this – a preview of Anomalisa?


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