Manchester by the Sea

Just Beautiful!!

In a Hollywood filled with action, thrillers, sequels…… just feels so good to watch a ‘pure’ drama every once in a while. Movies like this are so hard to come by these days. Majority of the industry is just focused on box office earnings. Movies like these have a small run on the theatres and they are out even before you know it. This is the real cinema!

The movie explores a grim, yet beautiful relationship between……. Nah! I won’t tell you that. The interplay between time and place is perfectly done. When you have the same person (and that too Kenneth Lonergan) as the director and playwright, it can turn out wonders; there’s a clarity in the movie which can be really appreciated. Casey Affleck was just phenomenal and so was Michelle Williams. Watching this movie was an emotionally enriching experience.

Even though I absolutely loved it, you might not. If you don’t love drama, this is not meant for you. If you can’t appreciate a good drama, don’t go for it……you’ll get bored. This is a plain, simple and pure drama and if you’re into it, this movie will make your day.

IMDb-“An uncle is asked to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies.”


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