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This movie lies somewhere between a drama and a mild thriller. With Al Pacino and Russell Crowe taking the lead, the movie promises to deliver an all-powerful performance….and it surely did deliver. Having both written(screenplay) and directed by Michael Mann, I was expecting something on the lines of Heat; But it turned out to be something totally different (for good).

The interplay between Al Pacino’s aggressive and Crowe’s mature and heavy attitude was just spectacular. They complemented each other in a graceful manner and I loved it. The movie is a powerful example of the strength of attitudes and the role they play in determining our behaviour….and I think that this theme is common to almost all the whistle-blower movies. These people are so passionately committed to the notion that corporations must be honest, especially when there is a potential damage to the public, that they would leave all their comforts behind and go to great lengths to fight these corporations.

This is a movie worth watching…….it is inspiring, beautifully directed and features two of the best drama actors of the industry. Also, do check out Snowden and Spotlight if you loved this movie.

IMDb-“A research chemist comes under personal and professional attack when he decides to appear in a “60 Minutes” expose on Big Tobacco.”


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