Certified Copy

It was pure magic!!

Each and every dialogue had an impact, every scene had its importance and there was nothing out of place. Everything just fell into a perfect harmony. A great piece of screenwriting.

It’s not your usual drama movie. It is open to many interpretations but not like all those open ended movies. This is something unconventional. The movie takes a turn in the middle to a totally different timeline. Some of you might like it, some of you may not. Irrespective of that, don’t stop to think. The other half is as good as the first.

And as I always say, having the same director and the screenwriter is always a treat. It acts as an assurance for clarity. This was my first Abbas Kiarostami movie but if his all movies are like this, I have a packed schedule from now on. Apart from him, both the actors were alive and kicking…..there was always a tension in the moment and they complemented each other really well.

This movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s plain and simple. Something on the lines of The Before trilogy yet very different from it. It’s a great combination of philosophy, art and romance. So if you appreciate any of the above themes, you should go for it.

Happy Watching !!

IMDb-“In Tuscany to promote his latest book, a middle-aged British writer meets a French woman who leads him to the village of Lucignano. While there, a chance question reveals something deeper.”


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