Sleeping Giant

This movie somehow reminded me of Stand by Me. Both of them are great coming of age movies with the major difference being that Sleeping Giant is a little more socially relevant.

The movie showcases a trio of teenagers on a vacation with events unfolding throughout the movie. Like many of the coming of age movies, this one also provides a veritable perspective of teenage. The characters have a clearly defined attitudes, very typical ones. One is a calm, observational, sometimes bullied kind of guy; other one is a typical nonchalant teenager and the third one is the string holding the group together. The movie is articulate enough to depict a simple yet powerful story.

The movie does away with a typical romantic relationship (which I really liked), rather it focuses on the dynamics of the trio. It has a serious tone to it. Not all will like it, but if you love coming of age movies, this will impress you.

Happy Watching

IMDb-“While spending the summer in cottage country on the shores of Lake Superior, three teens cope with boredom by testing the limits of their experience.”


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