T2 Trainspotting

“First there was an opportunity, then there was a betrayal. ”

It takes real courage to work on a project like this. It is never easy to revisit such a classic like Trainspotting. Movies like these are era defining and you don’t want to turn them into some shitty franchise just for some box office earnings. I’m really glad that this didn’t turn out to be one of those. It wouldn’t have been easy as far as I can guess; People want it to be similar to the original one yet they don’t want a duplicate copy…..you need a perfect balance for a great sequel….and this movie delivered it.

The movie isn’t like its predecessor. It doesn’t deliver the essence of the drug scene around Edinburgh like the original one did, but it does carries on the original idea. This movie is a sequel in true sense. It won’t make much sense to those who haven’t seen the original one (do such people even exist!!) and I seriously recommend you to watch it once again before turning to this one.

This is a perfect sequel. Danny Boyle couldn’t have done a better job. It features the original characters in a later part of their lives, meeting each other again……let’s stop right here 😛 Pairing up with Anthony Dod Mantle again, Boyle managed to create a visually stimulating movie. It echoes its predecessor in almost every way. Even the music had connect with the original one and when it comes up, it juggles your memory and takes you back to some of the earlier moments. Its just so amazing. I don’t have any complaints with the screenplay either, it manages to continue on a well built base story. All I can wonder is, if we’ll be getting a T3 too!!

What more can I say, it was a perfect sequel for me. If you haven’t watched the Trainspotting, do it right now. For those who have, most probably you have already watched this one too……and you’re here just for fun!!

IMDb-“After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie.”


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